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Murder Made Me Famous

Saturday 8 ET/PT

Betty Broderick is the former suburban housewife who skyrocketed to fame when she murdered her ex-husband and his new, much younger, wife in their bed in 1989. The ultimate crime-of-passion story included explicit recorded phone calls during her contentious divorce and dramatic courtroom testimonies that captivated the country. Was she a woman wronged or a jealous ex-wife hell-bent on revenge? Watch Murder Made Me Famous: Betty Broderick Saturday at 8 ET/PT on REELZ.

Scandal Made Me Famous

Saturday 9 ET/PT

Within weeks of moving to Perugia, Italy, Amanda Knox was charged with her roommate’s bloody murder. Amanda and her boyfriend were jailed for the crime and the national media went wild with speculation. The young beauty was dubbed “Foxy Knoxy” in the press and spent years in prison declaring her innocence. But if she didn’t kill her roommate, who did? And will she finally be believed? Watch Scandal Made Me Famous: Amanda Knox Saturday at 9 ET/PT on REELZ.