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Sunday, August 23

06:00 AM

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes’ life is the stuff of legends: a millionaire at 18, a Hollywood player at 21 and a record-breaking pilot in his 30’... Read more
07:00 AM

Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray was both friend and physician to The King of Pop. His catastrophic story represents a classic case where the aurora ... Read more
08:00 AM

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson: child prodigy, musical genius and deeply tortured soul. He was the driving force behind the iconic band The Beach Boys... Read more
09:00 AM

Elvis Presley

The celebrity entourage is a highly secret and coveted group to belong to - and Elvis’s “Memphis Mafia” was no exception. Made ... Read more

About Dr. Feelgood

We trust Doctors with our lives – to heal us when we’re sick and guide us on a path towards healthy living.  But what happens when the person you’ve entrusted with your well being is doing more harm than good?  Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith and many more lived whirlwind lives in public eye – adored by millions.  For those around them, it was easy to get sucked into the non-stop celebrity lifestyle – and sometimes that even included their doctors.

Dr. Feelgood tells the shocking true stories of the symbiotic relationships between celebrities and their doctors whose drug prescriptions or procedures led to controversy, mystery, and ultimately tragedy for their notable clients.  Can a doctor remain objective when immersed in the world of their celebrity clients?  And where does the responsibility lie: with the user, or the doctor who put the drugs in there hands?