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Thursday, December 03

06:00 AM

The Missing Showgirl

When an East Coast girl moves west, her plan is to make it first as a Las Vegas showgirl, then as an actress in Hollywood. But on the ... Read more
07:00 AM

Hollywood Horror

A small town girl heads to Hollywood, hoping to make the leap from model to movie star. But after landing her first major role, the ri... Read more
08:00 AM

Fallen Starlet

The Pacific Northwest is no place to become a star, so a charming young actress moves to LA for her chance to perform on the big scree... Read more

About Fame Kills

Lurking behind the red carpets, swanky homes and star-studded parties is a seedier side of celebrity filled with jealousy, competition, greed and murder. Fame Kills shares the stories of rising stars whose journeys toward the privileged world of celebrity were cut short during deadly encounters. With re-enactments, interviews with friends, family, witnesses and detectives from the case, each hour-long episode covers one mesmerizing story from rise to fall, from unsolved crime to closed case and the characters are straight out of a classic whodunit film—but these stories are real and the endings are anything but happy.