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Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew: The True Story

Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew: The True Story – U.S. Premiere on Saturday, January 25 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT.

Before his untimely and controversial death while in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors Jeffrey Epstein was a globetrotting financier with a massive circle of powerful and influential people around him including British royal family member Prince Andrew. But dark secrets swirled around Epstein’s life. Now Epstein’s victims are fearlessly speaking out and exposing the ruinous details of his 12 year friendship with Prince Andrew along with Epstein’s relationship to former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell who is now under FBI investigation over possible crimes linked to charges linked to Epstein. Prince Andrew stands accused of sex with an underage girl trafficked by Epstein and Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew: The True Story builds up the most complete picture yet of the relationship between Epstein and Prince Andrew with a revealing and detailed look at their shared past. Interviews include private investigator Mike Fisten whose decade long investigation into Epstein’s life in Palm Beach, Florida revealed dozens of victims and John Connolly, former NYC police detective turned investigative journalist who worked as a Vanity Fair contributing editor and covered Epstein’s mysterious life and who shares his experience of the troubles that followed people who reported on Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew: The True Story is produced by BriteSpark Films, distributed by TCB Media Rights.

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