Guns N’ Roses

Hard rock was never the same once the members of Guns N’ Roses sank their teeth into it. Beginning in 1985, L.A. rockers Slash, Axel Rose, Duff McKagen, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler were filling stadiums with a sound that rivaled titans like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Queen. Songs like “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Nightrain” and their cover of The McCartney’s “Live And Let Die” had their fans screaming. But behind the immense fame, the band were always on the brink of chaos as their front man, Axel’s antics led to missed appearances, cancelled shows and even riots. It all earned Guns N’ Roses the moniker, “The Most Dangerous Band in the World.”

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Guns N' Roses

Sunday, December 22