Murder Made Me Famous
Season Premiere Saturday, July 23

About Murder Made Me Famous

Murder Made Me Famous shares personal accounts from victims’ family members, jurors, members of law enforcement and journalists involved with each case to give viewers an intimate perspective and disclose new information. Featured commentator for every episode is author and PEOPLE crime reporter, Steve Helling, who has covered several high-profile crime stories including the Natalee Holloway and Laci Peterson disappearances.


Pamela Smart wasn’t the only one charged with Gregg Smart’s murder. Four teenage boys from a local high school she worked at were also charged with the crime. Below you’ll see their mugshots along with their official charges.   William “Billy” Flynn Charges: Second Degree Murder – Billy pulled the trigger on Gregg Smart. Sentence: […]

1990, Greggory Smart is found gunned down in his apartment and his wife Pamela Smart stands accused of his murder.  Here are some of the biggest events of 1990 to take you back to the year.

When Scott Peterson was arrested on April 18, 2003 for the murder of his wife Laci Peterson, who was 8 months pregnant with their son Conner, he was supposedly on his way to play golf with his father and brother.  When his vehicle was searched, however, they found everything BUT golf clubs.  Below is a […]

It’s Christmas Eve 2002, Laci Peterson (who is 8 months pregnant) has gone missing, and her husband Scott Peterson is heading up the search team, or is he? Here are some of the biggest events of 2002 to take you back to the year.

During Jodi Arias’ long and sensational trial, her personal journals were admitted into evidence and read aloud to the court.  They were used to catch her in lies and determine her character. Below you can read her bizarre feigned entries written days after she killed Travis Alexander. Full transcription below journal images. Tuesday 12:50 AM-ish […]