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01/06/2021 by REELZ


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Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… reveals the truth behind the controversial deaths of global icons and people whose untimely deaths were surrounded by scandal and intense media attention. Fact and fiction are forever separated through reconstructions of their final hours using crucial medical evidence from the actual autopsies to explain how and why they died while interviews with friends and family shed light on the events that led to death—finally putting an end to the speculation.

Patrick Swayze is one of the best-loved leading men in Hollywood history. The star of Dirty Dancing and Ghost was everybody’s favourite tender-hearted tough guy. But Swayze’s public face masked a nightmare world of pain, fear and self-sabotage.

Their lives are portrayed in movies, TV shows and books and their shocking acts are woven into the fabric of scary stories about real monsters in the world.  But what happens when the monster is someone you live with and love?  Every hour-long episode of I Lived With A Killer brings a haunting new twist to cases that terrified the public with the powerful stories from the family members of the killers.


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Feature length Drama Documentary on the life of singer songwriter Elton John. From childhood, to love, marriage, 70s superstardom and the cocaine addiction that nearly killed him, friends and fellow musicians tell Sir Elton’s epic story.

Drug abuse is often glorified both on screen and off. But with America in the midst of an opioid crisis, is Hollywood part of the problem? Celebrity journalist Nancy O’Dell and entertainment industry insiders expose how many A list celebrities are becoming victims of Hollywood’s secret opioid epidemic and what role the studios will play in ending the crisis.

Whether it’s turbulent family drama, harrowing substance abuse, outlandish spending habits or a combination of those and more, these celebrities all paid a hefty price for their fame.

Where is the line drawn between compassion and retribution? The Slender Man Stabbing: The Untold Story asks the viewer what they believe. A two-hour exploration of this polarizing case, the documentary focuses on details from the day of arrest to the sentencing of Morgan Geyser. Going beyond the headlines to get perspectives from those closest to the plea deal that lead to her sentence, the evidence sited by both sides of this gripping ordeal will challenge what you know about this case… and what you think is just.