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05/06/2021 by REELZ


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Just days after the shocking and brutal stabbing death of his mother-in-law, Vibeke Rasmussen, movie maker John MacGibbon picks up his camera and begins a harrowing search for truth. How to Survive a Murder is a remarkable look at a gut-wrenching tale of a tragic crime that never should have occurred. MacGibbon and his family are desperate to find out what led to Rasmussen being slashed and stabbed more than 35 times late one night in her apartment in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Police would reveal only that they suspected a 24- year-old man with a violent past. Frustrated by the puzzling hostility and evasive behavior of state and local authorities, MacGibbon launches his own investigation and uncovers a web of lies and deceit spun to protect an influential Plymouth family including police cover-ups, lenient judges and prosecutors and the dark family secrets that turned a privileged, charming and deeply disturbed young man into a killer.

Titanic: Sinking the Myths shatters the long-held beliefs as seen in popular movie depictions that Titanic’s crew fired regulation distress rockets and turned away help from a German liner out of concerns for piracy. The documentary will also explore how cost-cutting efforts made in the design process led to structural deficiencies in the ship and how the captain of another nearby ship ultimately took the fall as the scapegoat of a disaster that cost the lives of 1,503 men, women and children.  The story made so familiar in the movies is juxtaposed against world politics and the impending outbreak of WWI, which had both direct and indirect bearing on the tragedy.

You can’t say the phrase “80s teen movie” without almost immediately thinking of—or quoting—the quintessential and genre-defining film “The Breakfast Club.” The movie tapped into the zeitgeist of teenage life so authentically that when it hit theatres in 1985, moviegoers across America connected to the five main characters they saw on screen. One of the most iconic teen films of all time, “The Breakfast Club” has become a cornerstone of 1980s pop culture, featuring rising stars Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson, and a script written and directed by John Hughes. The film gave a new voice to teen angst and became part of 80s teen movie canon. This Behind Closed Doors takes an inside look at the development and making of “The Breakfast Club” — from how the script got greenlit, to how the cast came together, to what famous actor was cut loose, to never-before-told stories behind the film’s set design, wardrobe, and chart-topping theme song. In the decades since its release, the legacy of this ground-breaking and influential film continues to grow.


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A husband’s heart wrenching betrayal results in his wife committing a horrific act of violence. A wife’s torrid affair with her pastor ends with her husband killing them both. A salacious online romance leads to murder after it’s discovered. Love can make people do terrifying and unspeakable things. Sex, Lies & Murder is a true crime series with hour-long episodes detailing the true crime cases of relationships in which broken intimacy has led to murder. When the lies collapse and the love triangles are revealed crimes of passion turn what should have been simple break ups into headline grabbing real life stories with severe consequences.

Their lives are portrayed in movies, TV shows and books and their shocking acts are woven into the fabric of scary stories about real monsters in the world.  But what happens when the monster is someone you live with and love?  Every hour-long episode of I Lived With A Killer brings a haunting new twist to cases that terrified the public with the powerful stories from the family members of the killers.  Viewers will hear from ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano’s daughter Karen Gravano, Orlando Nightclub Shooter’s ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy, The Iceman’s daughters Merrick and Christin Kuklinski and many more. Viewers will also hear from detective who worked the cases and experts who break down the media frenzy around the crimes.

Amid a crowded summer movie landscape, one film broke out to become of the biggest comedies of all time: Ghostbusters. A collaboration of some of the most celebrated voices in comedy, Ghostbusters spawned what has become an billion dollar franchise. Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors takes an inside look at how this movie came together from the people who were there. Ghostbusters’ director, producer, stars, and crew share stories from the making of iconic film and reflect on its success more than three decades later.