The Unexpected Artsy Side of John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

10/07/2015 by REELZ

Not only was John Wayne Gacy, Jr. one of the most prolific serial killers of the 20th century, and a very popular party clown in his community, but he was also an artist.  That’s right, he was an artist, painter in particular.  He picked it up while on death row, and had plenty of time to learn the craft.

You might think that the art of a serial killer would be all blood, guts and gore…


You’d never expect sweet little birds…


Or charming landscapes…


Or a terrible portrait of Elvis…


Of course, there is the obligatory self portrait…


But as far as blood and guts go, John didn’t paint that.  He certainly painted creepy things, he had a weird thing for Disney and clowns, but for a man that murdered at least 33 young men and buried them under his house, his art is surprisingly tame.  He did lots of portraits of famous people, himself, lots of clowns, and lots of the Seven Dwarves.

To see more of John’s paintings, check out this gallery which was set up by the victims families so that the inevitable sale of John’s “art” would benefit The National Center for Victims of Crime.