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Wednesday, December 02

07:00 AM

Michael Jackson's Lost Childhood

Michael Jackson was the most successful entertainer of all time, yet his life was riddled by scandal. His fixation on children struck... Read more
08:00 AM

Michael Jackson's Addictions

He was the undisputed ‘King of Pop’… but on his journey to the top, Michael Jackson encountered more than his share of scandal. ... Read more

Thursday, December 03

09:00 AM

Celebrity Sex Tapes

Scandalous home videos are exposing Hollywood celebrities’ most intimate moments. While celebrity sex tapes once threatened to dest... Read more

About Hollywood Scandals

Hollywood Scandals is all about discovering the darker side of Tinseltown. In Hollywood, these stories don’t just sell movies and television shows, they’re woven into the fabric of a town that has no limits – especially when it comes to celebrities. From public meltdowns to private affairs, these are the tales that have come to dominate and define Tinseltown – where any vice is a headline, and every star has a role to play.