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Sunday, January 24

08:00 PM

A Monster is Born

He was once a normal, happy child, but violent, drunken abuse from his father sends John Wayne Gacy down a dark and sinister path. Run... Read more
10:00 PM

Killer Clown's Revenge

One of Gacy’s victims, Jeffery Rignall, has survived and tracked him down. Going to police, Rignall tries to bring Gacy to justice, ... Read more

About John Wayne Gacy

A violent, drunken and abusive father sends a seemingly innocent and happy child in John Wayne Gacy down a dark and sinister path. Running from home and looking for escape Gacy works at a mortuary where he literally sleeps with the dead.  Later, despite a marriage, two children and volunteering as a party clown Gacy’s evil side begins to take over. He cruises the streets looking for young victims who he kills and buries in a crawlspace graveyard beneath his home.