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Saturday, July 04

08:00 AM

Balloon Boy

It was the flying saucer seen round the world. A silver, helium-filled balloon racing across the Colorado sky with a reported stowaway... Read more
09:00 AM

Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst, a young heiress from one of America’s richest and most politically connected families, kidnapped by a mysterious under... Read more
10:00 AM

The Real D.B. Cooper

It was one of the most talked about crimes of the 1970s, an outrageous caper at 10,000 feet. The only trace the perpetrator left behin... Read more
11:00 AM

Griselda Blanco

They called her La Madrina, the godmother of cocaine, a brutal drug lord who crushed anyone who stood in her way. As the ultimate blac... Read more

About Notorious

The cliché rags to riches stories of many celebrities are often about how they succeeded through hard work and perseverance but what about the twisted individuals who gained fame for doing things far outside of the bounds of legality and morality? These are stories of extortion, stalking, lying, defrauding and even murder. Whether it’s Anthony Wiener’s descent from rising political star to sex offender, one of the world’s richest heiresses Patty Hearst robbing a bank at gunpoint, or Aaron Hernandez going from NFL star and multi-millionaire to being convicted of murder and ultimately taking his own life while behind bars Notorious explores the darker side of fame. Through interviews with crime experts, recreations, archival footage and police reports viewers will learn the stories and motivations behind these individuals who surpassed infamy to become truly notorious.