About ABBA: The Secrets of Their Greatest Hits

ABBA transformed the face of pop music with their incredible songs. In this powerful and richly produced feature documentary, we reveal the personal and musical development of ABBA by interrogating three of their greatest hits. We’ll discover exactly what happened in the studio when they were recorded; what inspired them; the cultural and personal circumstances; and crucially, the drama that surrounded them as they were created. We chart their journey from leaving their Swedish folk beginnings to creating the ABBA sound that first hit pop perfection with Mamma Mia. We learn how they extended their global reach by emulating the disco sound and creating the most loved dance track of all time, Dancing Queen. Finally, we reveal the moment when the band’s shattering personal lives fused with their fully matured song writing in The Winner Takes It All. We interrogate these three mega hits and learn exclusive tales from the guitarist and drummer who played on them, the studio engineer who mixed them and the costume designer who gave them their distinctive look. Industry insiders and the bands friend and biographer give further detail and insight into Abba’s incredible story. We dip into the exclusive transcripts of the studio recordings to discover never before told stories like Agnetha bursting into tears on first reading the lyrics to The Winner Takes It All and how Abba on struggling with creating a dance beat emulated the rhythm of dance floor classic Rock Your Baby.
Plus we showcase incredible material shot inside the studio of them recording Dancing Queen, including a verse that never made it into the final song. This beautifully produced Abba documentary is packed with incredible testimony, never-before-seen footage and interviews, and some of the best-loved music in the world.