About Amy Fisher: Kill For Me

After Amy Fisher was arrested for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco, she told authorities that the shooting was an accident. But two men named Steven Sleeman and Chris Drellos came forward, claiming that she’d approached them months before the shooting to ask them to help her kill Mary Jo. Amy Fisher and Steve Sleeman went to the Buttafuoco home on Nov. 1, 1991, with the intention that he would shoot Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Steve never fired because he couldn’t get a clear shot and Amy Fisher became irate. Steve recently admitted that he actually went back by himself to the Buttafuocos’ a few weeks later to try again. Through the window he could see that Mary Joe was home alone and shot into their home with a long-scope .22 hunting rifle. He panicked and drove off, not knowing if he had killed her. Up until 2018, Mary Jo thought the shot had come from some mischievous neighborhood children.