About Princess Diana’s Death: Mystery Solved

In Princess Diana’s Death: Mystery Solved internationally renowned detective, Colin McLaren – the man who cracked the case of who really killed JFK in the REELZ documentary JFK: The Smoking Gun – sets out to find answers to questions that still surround the death of Princess Diana. The only independent detective at the crash site in Paris in 1997, McLaren immediately noticed the many mistakes made by the French police. In addition to missing vital clues they were misled by unreliable witnesses and failed to see crucial forensic evidence at the scene. McLaren didn’t. He photographed a trove of evidence while French authorities saw it merely as a car accident and swept away the clues. McLaren re-examines every aspect of the French and British investigations, interviews witnesses and offers viewers the real truth into how and why Diana was killed. His whodunit search sees him track down and confront the driver of a mysterious car that collided with Diana’s car just before her Mercedes slammed into the tunnel.