About Donna Summer Disco Queen

On May 17th 2012, after nearly 40 years as the Queen of Disco and First Lady of Love, Donna Summer died at her home in Naples, Florida. While Donna grew up in a strict religious household she would go on to be defined by the raunchy Disco music she made with hit music producer Giorgio Moroder. But when Donna passed away from cancer, the public had no idea she was even ill. Donna shrouded her final months in secrecy, with her death coming as a shock to extended family members. Even more shocking was the family’s announcement of what they thought was the true cause of Donna’s death….so what really happened to Donna Summer? World renowned Forensic Pathologist, Dr Michael Hunter needs to analyze every detail in the limited available information to piece together what was really going on in the Disco Diva’s body to find the answers.