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About Fortune Fights

The saying more money more problems definitely rings true with some celebrity mega fortunes. Whether it’s a pricey divorce, shocking inheritances for unprepared heirs or untimely deaths when a wealthy celebrity has a massive estate there’s often an army of people nudging around for their cut of the pie.

In hour-long episodes of Famous Fortune Fights husband and wife media experts and attorneys Danielle and Andy Mayoras explore the legal ups and downs and fortunes earned and lost by some of America’s biggest household names. Johnny Depp, Madonna, Britney Spears, Harrison Ford, Hulk Hogan, Donald Sterling, Casey Kasem, Lisa Marie Presley, Robin Williams, Sonny Bono are the focus of episodes that show viewers how they earned their millions, how they saved or squandered it and the lawsuits, divorces, family fights and bad business partners led to famous fortune fights.

Lisa Marie Presley & The Rise And Fall Of The Elvis Estate

As the daughter to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Lisa Marie Presley enjoyed a charmed childhood. She had ponies, private access to an amusement park for herself and her friends, and legions of household employees to cater to her every whim. In fact, when Elvis found out that Lisa Marie wanted to see snow for the first time, he ordered his private jet to fly her to Idaho to play in the snow for twenty minutes, before...

Madonna Fortune Fight: How The Singer Persevered Through Many Court Battles

At this year’s Oscars, Madonna publicly laid to rest her “feud” with Lady Gaga. While the former dispute between the two music superstars appeared to be little more than media chatter, Madonna has been through more than her fair share of true feuds, in court rooms spanning three continents.

No Stranger To Legal Battles, Robin Williams Protected His Family From A Similar Fate After His Death.

Robin Williams, the iconic comedian and actor, had a razor-sharp wit that was second to none. But he also had a dark and troubled side to his personality that contributed to two divorces and other legal drama.

Casey Kasem Fortune Fight: Is A Family Member To Blame For The Famed Top 40 DJ’s Death?

Why are Casey Kasem’s wife and daughter accusing each other of killing the iconic American Top 40 Countdown host? Could either of them really have been responsible for his death? And what did Casey Kasem’s doctors have to say about the controversy?

Johnny Depp Fortune Fight: Depp’s Lingering Feud With Amber Heard

While Johnny Depp is no stranger to the courtroom - having been involved in several different lawsuits in recent years - none have been as impactful or bitter as his ongoing dispute with ex-wife Amber Heard.  Did Johnny Depp abuse Amber Heard, both physically and psychologically?  Or were the allegations faked by Heard, as Depp and his legal team still contend?