About Invincible: The True Story

Mark Wahlberg grew up in the gritty, working-class town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. He overcame some long odds to develop into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. It’s that rags-to-riches background that turned Wahlberg onto the role of Vince Papale for the 2006 film, Invincible. Papale’s rise from bartender to a member of the Philadelphia Eagles prompted Wahlberg to call him: “a hero, the real life Rocky Balboa.” But as improbable as Papale’s once-in-a-lifetime story was, it didn’t unfold exactly as it was shared on the big screen. Now, in Invincible: The True Story it’s time to find out the authentic details of this amazing journey; as told through exclusive interviews with Papale, Wahlberg, former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil and family and friends of this sporting icon.