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Tuesday, March 02

06:00 AM

Madonna & Sean Penn

When Madonna and Sean Penn announced they were getting hitched after a short courtship the media went berserk. The wedding of the pop... Read more
07:00 AM

Kris & Bruce Jenner

America’s most decorated Olympian pairs up with an L.A. socialite whose fame started with her ex-husband’s involvement in the OJ S... Read more
08:00 AM

Arnold & Maria

After meeting at a celebrity tennis match hosted by Eunice Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver quickly became inseparable... Read more
09:00 AM

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

The explosive relationship between Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp and up-and-coming star Amber Heard was a dream come true for tabloid... Read more

About Irreconcilable Differences

Breaking up is hard to do for any couple but for Hollywood’s biggest stars there is more at stake than just a broken heart. The end of a relationship for celebrities can mean huge scandals, vicious custody battles, libelous accusations that can tarnish a career and financial ruin. With insightful commentary from legal, relationship, crisis management and entertainment experts, each episode chronicles the affairs, abuse and addictions that poisoned the headline-grabbing marriages and will uncover every step of each ugly uncoupling as family, friends and fans are forced to take sides.