About Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal

From a happy, healthy little boy to the beginnings of a murderous serial killer, it’s the disturbing roots of the Jeffrey Dahmer story. His childhood, combative parents, obsession with dead animals, strange behavior in high school, and his first sexual yearnings, which were both confusing and disturbing. All these traumatic events collide into Dahmer’s first shocking murder and a surprising near capture by police. Incredibly, Dahmer’s second murder is hidden by successfully wheeling a body in a suitcase through a hotel lobby into a waiting taxi cab. Despite being a cold-blooded killer, Dahmer’s likable, even charming persona allows him to literally getting away with murder. But when a teenage boy escapes, Dahmer is charged with sexual assault and given a prison sentence. A year later he’s back on the street and makes his home in the infamous apartment #213. It’s a chamber of horrors where Dahmer establish his skull shrine and takes his first bite of human flesh.