About Johnny Cash: Road to Redemption

With his once-promising career a hazy, drug-fueled memory, Johnny Cash must journey into hell in order to find redemption. Once a wildly-creative, highly-driven artist, the man in black has dried up. Then came a risky live album recorded at Folsom Prison. “I knew this was it, my chance to make up for all the times when I had messed up.” Few believed in him and no one could imagine this day would give birth to the revered legend we know today. But what exactly happened on that fateful day in January 1968? What demons led him to one of the most dangerous places in American society? Could his journey into the underworld really save his soul? Set to the backdrop of the tumultuous sixties, the drama of Folsom is examined moment-to-moment while simultaneously branching out to reveal a life surrounded by danger and haunted by death. Only one man is capable of traveling from the darkness At Folsom Prison to the light of The Holy Land.