About Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror

Michael Jackson was lit up with talent.  He captivated the world with his music and performance, and is one of the top selling artists ever.  ‘Thriller’ still tops the charts as the world’s best-selling album to date.  Offstage though, Michael’s life was an enigma.  The allegations of child abuse, the plastic surgery and his strange childlike personality gave rise to the press image of Michael as ‘Wacko Jacko’.  And yet, Michael was not ‘wacko’, he was damaged by his showbiz upbringing – emotionally, he remained a child.  In a timely re-assessment of his life, this feature-length, partly dramatized biopic examines how Michael went from cute child star to the pop mega-artist who never grew up.  With interviews from those who knew him well, the film examines Michael’s astonishing talent and career as he battled his family and tried to shake off his brutal childhood.