About Shark Terror: The Real Jaws

Over a hot summer holiday weekend tens of thousands of vacationers take to the ocean shore. One young man, a newly graduated college student from Philadelphia, goes for an afternoon dip and forty feet from shore is attacked and killed. Five days later the Bell Captain at a popular beachside resort is also attacked. Throughout the region beachgoers panic, hotels empty, and lifeguards with guns patrol the seas. Then seventy miles north and a mile inland a group of local boys are cooling off in a tidal creek. The shark strikes one of the youngest. The children run through town looking for rescuers. His only hope is an athletic, 24-year-old, home town favorite named Stanley Fisher. With the entire town watching from the creekside, he repeatedly dives in searching for the young boy and finally rises with the body in his arms, when the shark attacks again. Fisher escapes with massive injuries. Meanwhile down the creek another group of boys is swimming. Again the shark attacks. It’s a tug-of-war between the youngest boy, his friends and the shark. Will anything stop this serial killing shark?


Friday, March 15

10:00 AM
Shark Terror: The Real Jaws

Shark Terror: The Real Jaws