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Sunday, March 07

08:00 PM

Love Survives

The story of Isidor and Ida Straus; their great love and the curious circumstances of her death. The Addergoole Fourteen – 14 immig... Read more
09:00 PM

Survivor Guilt

The story of Robert Hichens and the brass steering wheel stand recovered in a 1987 dive on the wreck site of Titanic, as passionately ... Read more
10:00 PM

Mystery and Anger

The mysterious story of Howard Irwin whose suitcase which was somehow aboard the Titanic but he was not. And Bertha Mulvihill, a Thir... Read more
11:00 PM

Echoes of the Past

There were many heroes the night that Titanic sank but for some, the greatest of these was was fifth officer Harold Lowe. What made h... Read more

About Titanic: Stories from the Deep

A ground-breaking documentary series uncovering new history from 12000 feet deep below the Atlantic Ocean. With the use of cutting-edge technology, the unique collection of artifacts salvaged from the underwater resting site of the wreck tells us brand new stories of love, deception, fate, and heroics. Presented by Victor Garber, who featured as Thomas Andrews in James Cameron’s Titanic, each episode follows the individual journeys of these artifacts from their recovery, to their connection to specific passengers on the ship, and for one unique artifact per episode, a connection to someone living today.