Pablo Escobar – Murder Made Me Famous Podcast

11/12/2019 by REELZ

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He was a modern day Robin Hood, with a vicious bite. Pablo Escobar dreamed of being a millionaire as a small child and with ruthlessness and determination, he killed his way to the top, becoming the Columbian Cartel Kingpin of the 1970-80s. Escobar had a saying, “silver or lead,” meaning either you were with him and took the bribe or you were against him and you would die by bullets. He turned Columbia into the murder capital of the world, and was responsible for around 4,000-5,000 murders. His dark side unprecedented, Escobar also cared deeply for the impoverished conditions of his countrymen, taking care of the poor and less fortunate. Because of his compassion towards them, when Escobar was eventually convicted his people defended him to the very end.